~ Color Your World ~

Hello World, and welcome to Chalk Stix, where we give you the tools to shine like the Chalk Star you are! With our markers, life event photo prop boards, and free design templates, you can quickly and easily create beautiful designs on any non porous surface.

Create. Enjoy. Color Your World.


Love to create but lack the mad skills? We've got you covered! Become a Chalk Star when you create beautiful pieces using one of our free templates. We make it easy and fun to color your world. Browse our templates HERE.

Art Lettering Academy

"I wish I could write like that!" Have you ever had that thought? We understand! That's why we have dozens of art lettering practice sheets so someday others will wish they can write just like you! CLICK HERE to get started.

5 & 2 - Hope for the Hungry

At Chalk Stix, we believe in miracles. That's why a part of your purchase goes towards chickens, rabbits, water, and more. Together, we can deliver hope for the hungry. To find out more about this exciting initiative, CLICK HERE.