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About Us

Family Owned. Passionate. Personal.

We are Chalk Stix, a small, family owned business. Crafting gifts for others,  creating little projects that change with the seasons and make a house a home, and photo capturing our family's sweet milestones, have been lifelong passions of ours. 

We aim to help you capture the special feeling you get through creative expression, by equipping you to be a Chalk Star. Fill-in photo prop chalkboards for life's milestone events, free chalkboard template designs, free practice sheets for dozens of art lettering styles, and chalk markers to bring vibrancy to every project - we provide these tools to help you shine!

But above all, we want to be a personal brand, which is the opposite of a corporate brand. It's us - and it's you. Have a question? We'll personally answer it. Have a problem? We'll personally work until we make it right. Have a suggestion? We listen to every single one as we work towards meeting the needs of our customers.

That's who we are: a family business, passionate about creativity, and honored to provide personal service to our customers. 

From our family to yours, thank you for your business!

Janeen - Creativity Kahuna and Customer Service; janeen@chalkstix.biz

Andreanna - Social Butterfly (Instagram) and Customer Service; andreanna@chalkstix.biz

Malia - Back Office Geek and Customer Service; malia@chalkstix.biz

General contact: customercare@chalkstix.biz