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5 & 2 - Hope for the Hungry

At Chalk Stix, we aren't just about helping others color their world, we're about helping others in all parts of the world, specifically those in need. 

Our 5 & 2 initiative is based on the biblical miracle of feeding 5,000 people with just 5 fish and 2 loaves of bread! With a portion of every sale, we want to donate similar items and trust that these items will be a miracle in the lives of a family in need.

Thank you for your Chalk Stix purchase, and for being a part of providing hope for the hungry.


One dozen baby chicks will save an entire family. The eggs and new chicks provide food, a source of income, and funds for education - for a lifetime!

Feed a Family

There are millions of people in refugee camps around the world. Emergency food kits feed a family for one entire month.

Hot Meals For a Week

Children in impoverished communities around the world can receive hot meals for a week that fill their tummies and their hearts with hope.

Hungry Baby

Without regular nutrition, babies suffer developmental disabilities. Specially designed formula  provides hope for a malnourished baby in a refugee camp.

Water Well

When a water well runs dry, it affects an entire village. Drilling a deep water well means survival and hope for up to 500 people.


For a displaced family that's lost everything, nights in a refugee camp can be long and cold. A warm blanket brings hope and comfort through those long nights.