Art Lettering Academy – Chalk Stix

Art Lettering Academy

Welcome to the Art Lettering Academy, where you can learn how to write in dozens of beautiful art lettering styles. Whether you're a beginner or an established Chalk Star, you're sure to find lettering practice sheets to challenge and delight you. And since they're all free, you can download and create to your heart's content!

Calligraphy/Script Styles

 ALS Script
Champignon Script
Brittania Script
Chopin Script
Frosting for Breakfast
Great Vibes Script
Herr von Muellerhoff
ILS Script
Lovers Quarrel

Plain Fancy Styles

 Alex Brush
Allura Script
Aspire Script
Beautify Script
Bilbo Swash Script
Buffalo Nickel Script
Calligraffitti Script
CheGuevarra Orange Script
CheGuevara Red Script
CheGuevara Script