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Example Top of Fundraising Page


A Chalk Stix Fundraiser is a great way to raise cash for your cause! 

From small clubs, teams, or groups, to entire schools or churches, fundraising with Chalk Stix is quick and easy.

Online fundraising is simple through a link we provide and you send to all of your friends, family and supporters. Your group receives a portion of all sales, paid out monthly.

If you would you rather make same-day cash for your cause, then an on-location fundraiser is for you! We offer our products at wholesale prices so you can sell them at school open houses or fairs, between church services, or at sporting events.

So whether it's online fundraising, on-location fundraising - or both - it's easy to get started. Just fill out the contact form below to learn more about how you can make up to 45% profit with a Chalk Stix fundraiser!